Roatan Information

For all my friends going to Roatan in October.  Here is some important information.  Also see my tips for Roatan on my portfolio.

Dates of Arrival into Roatan:  Oct 17, 2012   (You may have to overnight somewhere like Houston on the 16th for your connections……most likely have to go through San Salvador)

Departure from Roatan:  Oct 23, 2012  Some going on to Nicaragua….others returning home.

Airport code for Roatan:  RTB

I have included the itinerary for some connecting through Houston at the end of this post FYI

Definitely time to check out this site now!      

SNAP EASY TIP:  I prefer to take Malarone for the Malara prevention. I find it has less side effects and you take it for a shorter period of time. It is more expensive but much better to take.  My Blue Cross pays 80%.

Here is the itinerary for some going through Houston:

Arrive    Houston George Bush Intercontinental Ap, US (IAH)     16-Oct-12 (Tue) 10:00pm


United Airlines Flight UAL 1441

Depart  Houston George Bush Intercontinental Ap, US (IAH)       17-Oct-12 (Wed) 09:32am

Arrive San Salvador, SV (SAL)   17-Oct-12 (Wed) 11:36am


Taca International Airlines operated by ISLENA FOR TACA  Flight  TA218

Depart San Salvador, SV (SAL)  17-Oct-12 (Wed) 02:30pm

Arrive Roatan, HN (RTB)  17-Oct-12 (Wed) 04:00pm


Taca International Airlines operated by ISLENA FOR TACA Flight TA219

Depart Roatan, HN (RTB) 23-Oct-12 (Tue) 11:40am

Arrive San Salvador, SV (SAL) 23-Oct-12 (Tue) 01:10pm


LACSA operated by AVIATECA FOR LACSA Flight LR717

Depart San Salvador, SV (SAL) 23-Oct-12 (Tue) 02:35pm

Arrive Managua, NI (MGA) 23-Oct-12 (Tue) 03:55pm


United Airlines Flight UA1423

Depart Managua, NI (MGA) 27-Oct-12 (Sat) 07:18am

Arrive Houston George Bush Intercontinental Ap, US (IAH)  27-Oct-12 (Sat) 11:43am