ITALY – Part 1- ROME

ITALY – Rome

Rome, Italy

OCT 2012 – This is my third visit to Rome…I am still in love with it!    UPDATED 10/2/2022


After meeting our friends, Tom and Billie Jo,  at YYC we flew KLM to Rome.  In Rome we were met by their children, Thomas and Rebecca.  Once together the fun began!  Good times are always made better with friends!

I have read a lot of solo travel blogs and think it admirable that someone could travel and enjoy the world by themselves.  However, I can not imagine what you would do when you saw something really neat.  Who do you whisper in awe to “can you believe that?” or  “oh my word look at that!” or “that is incredible” to?  I was thankful on this trip, that included many wonderful sites, I had my husband and friends to exclaim those very thoughts to!

Another added bonus of fellow travelers is the memories you make together.  We will continually be saying “remember when we….”.  Thank you Dehods for joining us on this memorable trip.  You were great traveling partners.  And yes, even missing the train added to the memories that we will retell over and over to each other!  What is a trip without a little drama!


Rome is an incredible city.  It is a city filled with a sense of eternal greatness.

Arch in Roman Forum
Arch in Roman Forum

It seems at every corner you are faced with remnants from the past.  It is hard to describe the feeling you have walking the streets of Rome for it definitely is a feeling!


A friend recently was planning a trip to Europe which included Italy.  She was debating whether to include Rome.   I told her that it was a no brainer….Rome HAD to be included.  I was thrilled that once she arrived in Rome she LOVED it!  In fact she wrote of Rome…”my favorite part in Italy…”

Her trepidation was that Rome would be full of tourists and like me she hates “tourist sites”.  However, when you are going to a place like Rome you can not avoid it.  To avoid it would be to miss places that are treasures!  Just because tourists are there does not mean you should miss out on seeing some of the most awesome historical places on the earth!

You just have to get in line and be a “tourist” for the experience of Rome.  After seeing the sites I suggest in my travel guide tips for Rome you can then roam wherever and experience the culture of Rome.  Wander down a side street in Trastevere…stop and eat in a local place off the tourist path… can escape the crowds when you have had enough!

Roma….you can not pass it by or use it only as the city you fly into and take the train out of!

Next Stop is Vernazza in the Cinque Terre…one of my most favourite places in the world!


This was my first experience renting an apartment in Europe. I went through AirBnB and didn’t experience any problems.  Not sure I like to have to pay a fee to AirBnB though.  Still undecided about renting through them.  In Vernazza I booked directly with host through their website and in Florence through host via VRBO.  That is the way I normally do it.  I was pleased however with the apartment in Rome and the process of renting through AirBnB otherwise.

The place we stayed was in Trastevere neighourhood …just across the River from the Jewish Ghetto. Really good location. It is just a few blocks from the Tram 8 and just a few steps from the Piazza Santa Maria. Lots of restaurants, shops, bakeries and yes of course….gelaterias!!!

On AirBnB the name of the apartment is Delicious Apartment Trastevere It is a very nice 2 bedroom-2 bathroom apartment with a large comfortable living room with lots of comfortable seating. There is a large patio off of the kitchen…perfect spot for coffee and pastry in the morning!

The kitchen is well stocked with necessary supplies….we only used the coffee maker and tea kettle.

The only downside is the front bedroom faces the street….a VERY noisy street….cars, motorcycles, people….it is loud until around 2 a.m. If you are a light sleeper you do not want to stay in this bedroom…..the back bedroom is very quiet.  I have read a lot of reviews from a lot of places in Italy that complain about the noise.  It is a night city and I think this is a commom problem!

There is a washing/drying machine in a small service bathroom…..however, the dryer part of the machine does not work….you will have to use the drying rack on the patio.

Those are the only two negatives I found with apartment….if that doesn’t bother you then it is a great place to stay.

I would definitely rent it again….perhaps with good ear plugs and a sound machine!


Eggplant Parmigiana, Caprese Insalta and Mushroom Pizza

Da Carlone: Via della Cisterna, 13, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
+39 06 58000 39    (Make reservations early)

Best Carbanara ever!  Family run establishment.  Fresh pasta!

Best Carbonara Ever! Antica Trattoria Da Carlone: Via della Luce 5
Best Carbonara Ever!

 Sant Eustachio il caffe

Close to Pantheon….great place for coffee!  Sant Eustachio il caffe  Founded in 1938.  Check out the website for more information on its history.  A must do!

Sant Eustachio il caffe

Random Shots from Rome

I did not take a lot of pictures in Italy this time because I have so many already from my past trips.  I will put all the pics on a gallery for Italy at a later date.

Secret Garden path in Rome
Secret Garden Path in Rome
Door in Rome
Door in Rome
Classical Guitar Concert in Teatro di Marcello - Theatre of Marcellus, Rome
Classical Guitar Concert in Teatro di Marcello – Theatre of Marcellus, Rome
Roman Colosseum
Roman Colosseum
Tiber River
Tiber River