Dover Castle

Dover Castle

My son who lives in the UK told me that one of their favorite place to visit with my grandsons is DOVER CASTLE in Dover.  In October I went with them and understood why it could be that “place to go to for the day from London” for families with children.  The imaginations of my grandsons were in full gear as we roamed around the castle.  Dark secret tunnels, grand rooms and winding stone staircases are absolutely the best place to transport kids to another world in their minds.   At the same time we, as adults, enjoyed the adventure and the views!   

If you wish to spend the night there are accommodations on the grounds!  The lights on the castle ground make it a very special place at night.  ACCOMMODATIONS LINK

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Spending a few hours at this castle would be enhanced by a picnic on the top!  Bring a thermos of a hot drink and some sandwiches and you could have a lunch or snack with unrivaled views of the countryside and the sea! There are small stone benches that you can sit on at the top.  There is a cafe at the Castle as well.

Stunning Views of the Sea and St Mary’s Church  from the top of the Castle
View of St Mary’s Church from the top of the Castle

Sprial Stone Staircases to Adventure