Experience……I have traveled to all 50 States in the United States of America, 9 out of 10 provinces in Canada and 43 countries on 4 continents.  Along the way I have learned that if I am going to travel I might as well travel smart.  There is enough stress with travel…..why not eliminate needless stress?  Why not make travel a bit easier on myself?  I’d like to share some of the tips I have learned on to you.

My journey on the road to traveling smart began with my first international trip.  My husband and I went on a Holy Land Tour which included Israel, Egypt and Greece. We had never traveled internationally before.  My excited in-laws purchased us a complete set of large, hard sided suitcases.

In those ancient days roller bags were not invented.  We LOADED our entire set of suitcases down with everything we thought we needed.  They were super heavy because of the build and also because of the contents! We lugged them in and out of taxis, shuttle buses, airports and hotels.  We crammed them into small elevators and dragged them up steps. It dawned on us toward the end of the trip that we hadn’t touched even half of the contents inside the luggage.  WHY HAD WE BROUGHT ALL THIS STUFF TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD? There had to be a better way to travel……so we began our quest to find it.

We stumbled upon a book that revolutionized our travel to this day.  It was Europe through the Back Door by Rick Steves Rick Steves is, hands-down, the best travel source I know of to this day.  He has an excellent website that you can visit and find an incredible amount of usable info for travel.   Usable is the key word.  These principles can be applied worldwide.  We have applied many of them in all parts of the world.  Thanks Rick!

Besides learning to travel light, I have learned other smart tips from things I have read and from my own hands-on experiences in many countries.  Hopefully, I can pass them on to you so that traveling will be an enjoyable and easy journey for you.

There are so many sites with a vast array of information for travel.  I do not need to or desire to be the one stop place for travel resources.  I don’t actually believe one site can offer all you need to know.  Everyone’s experience helps them learn new tips in new situations.

I want to share what has worked for me.  A grassroots approach to travel.

Simply good information from someone who has traveled extensively and learned first hand in her travels.

Yours for Snap Easy Travel,

Judy King

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Instagram:  SnapEasyTravel

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