What Can You Carry Your Stuff In?

I plan to write a more thorough post on this.  For now here are some quick tips.


For our upcoming Italy trip in October, my husband and I are going to try out traveling with backpacks.  I will keep you posted on that!

I have tested several and settled on the Gregory Sage 35L.  Johnny has chosen a Mountain Equipment Coop one called SuperContinent 45L.

In the future I want to go through the process of picking a backpack with you giving tips that I found useful.

Lightweight luggage

A great light weight carry on I have found is the International Traveler Luggage IT-0-1 Second Generation  2-Wheeled 19″ Carry On

The main downside is the handle is very far apart so a smaller purse or bag can’t rest on top of it and be pulled. They will fall through. A larger purse or bag does fine.

It is not really made for checking in. Carry on only I think. The one time I checked it in Turkey a tab on my zipper was ripped off.

I ordered from States and picked up there.

19″ is the inside measurement. However, with handle and wheels it still meets most carry on requirements.

I took this one on my trip to Turkey.  It worked great.