Warning! $100.00 Carry On Bag Fee!


That cheap ticket you got just might not be that cheap after all the surprises at the airport!

Sprint is now charging $100.00 for a carry on bag if you don’t pay ahead of time!


Spirit Carry-On Bag Fees:

$9 Fare Club Member Online: $25
Standard Online: $35
Telephone Reservations: $40
Airport Ticket Counter or Kiosk: $50
Boarding Gate: $100

I have read and heard horror stories from others on cut rate airlines.  The family of 4 who ended up paying 60 Euros each for not printing their Ryanair Boarding Pass before coming to the airport.  The people who incurred extra charge on Ryanair because they had to check their carry on…. it was “bulging” too much?

Read the small print or google the airline you are traveling on to read the stories of those who have traveled on that airline before!  It just might save you a few bucks!