Where To Eat – Roatan Honduras


Most of my recommendations are West End as I am most familiar with it.WEST END…..Tong’s Thai Island Cuisine – some of the best Thai I have ever eaten. Try the lobster Pad Thai.

Splash Inn Cafe…in front open area of the Splash Inn.  Good with a wide variety to choose from.

Earth Mama’s Cafe…..awesome fruit smoothies!  Great breakfast and lunch menu.  Closed Monday.  Free Wifi.

Sea-Level Bar and Cafe – Reefgliders Dive Shop…..good lattes


Java Vine Coffee Shop with great pizza and sandwiches.  Free Wifi

Hungry Munkey….great places for sandwiches.  Homemade bread.


Beso’s……wonderful, wonderul place.  More expensive than West End and West Bay options.  Restuarant is on the top of the hill at Pristine Bay.  The views are breathtaking.  The food outstanding.  Try the lobster gnocchi and the pork tenderloins medallions.  Open in High Season.


Blue Baihia…..awesome B-B-Que and Seafood.  Owner is trying to sell the restaurant so I am not sure it will be there when you arrive.


All around the island there is a chain called Bojangles.  Good chicken, homemade biscuits and pizza.  Chain quality.

SNAP EASY TIP:  Don’t drink the water or have ice in your drinks if you are not sure the water and ice is filtered.  Some places on the island use lettuce that is hydroponically grown.  This lettuce is supposedly safe to eat.  We don’t normally eat veggies that you can’t peel or cook.  We have eaten the lettuce here in restaurants that use this lettuce.

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