How to get around – Roatan Honduras

Roatan is a very small island. The roads are VERY bad…narrow, holes, curves, crazy drivers, pedestrians walking in dark clothing at night time very close to the road or on the road….

One night as we were driving home there was a tractor parked right in the middle of the road pointing the wrong direction.  There was a driver in it but he was just sitting there!

You can rent a jeep in the West End for about $55.00 US per day.  Not a new jeep but a jeep none the less.  Motorcyles are also available in the West End and West Bay for $40.00 US per day.  Helmets are a requirement by law and they do enforce it with fines.

Two men can not ride double on a motorcycle.  A man and a woman can.  The reason for this restriction is crime related.

Taxis are reasonable.  Negotiate the fare before entering the taxi.  Average price for a taxi from airport to West Bay or West End is $20.00 US.

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