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The only place I have been in Honduras is the island of Roatan.  I have been to this lovely island twice.  Once in 2011 and then again in 2012.  Each time I have decided that I will go back.

The island is still undiscovered by the masses.   You can still get the island feel if you go to and stay in the right places.  I abhor the typical tourist spots.

My favorite is the area called the West End.  Sadly it is starting to be developed more so the feel may not last for very much longer.

The West End is a misnomer.  It is actually on the west side of the island but not the west “end” of the island.  The area called West Bay is actually is the “west end” of the island.  West Bay is a more fabricated tourist area.

Hence most of my recommendations for food and lodging are in the West End.  That’s where I stay.

Departure Tax…..

Their is a departure or exit tax when you fly out of Honduras.  Make sure you have $38.00 US dollars per person, including children, set aside.  After you check in at the airport go the Bank in the main lobby and pay the tax.  You cannot go to through the customs line without it to get to your gate.

SNAP EASY TIP:  Allow extra time to stand in possible line for the departure tax, customs and security.

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