Things You Need To Know….Before You Go!


You need to take certain precautions before you go to a foreign country.  Ideally 2 months before travel you should start your immunization recommended by your doctor or travel clinic. Some shots are given in series.  You want to be able to complete the series before you go if possible.

You can also find these recommendations for the countries you will visit on the Center for Disease Control website.

The earlier you get your immunizations the more chance your body has to make the immunities before you travel.

In addition to immunizations for some destinations you will need to protect yourself from mosquito bites.  You may be taking medication for malaria prevention.  However, there is also dengue fever and other diseases that are spread by the mosquitoes as well.  The insect repellent should have a count of at least 30% DEET.


Make sure you are not having a problem with a tooth before you go.  Foreign dental offices don’t sound too appealing!

First Aid Kit…..

Take a peek inside my first aid kit:

Immodium, Antihistamine, Ibuprofen, Antibiotic for acute traveller diarrhea (we use APO/SUFATRIM instead of CIPROFLAXIN) Polysporin, antibiotic creme for cuts, Band-Aids in various sizes, Nausea medication such as Gravol

IMPORTANT:  Take any prescription drugs you are currently taking.  It is recommended that you take them in the bottle they come in.  This ensures that the country you are entering knows you are bringing a legit prescribed substance into the country!

SNAP EASY TIPThe Ciproflaxin antibiotic made my husband very sensitive to the sun.  The Apo/Sufatrim (Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim – generic name) was much better.  The travel clinic this time has given me Azithromycin….it is good for respiratory and intestinal.   Check with your doctor or a travel clinic to find the best solution for you to take with you.  Believe me….it can save your trip!

Travel Medical Insurance……

Make sure you purchase your travel medical insurance before you trip begins. It cost a few dollars a day and is well worth it.  Accidents happen!  Sickness happens!  Get insured!