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Mercy Medical Angels


Mercy Medical Angels may sponsor a round-trip for a patient and one non-medical attendant (if the doctor finds it medically necessary) on a commercial flight, coach seating. The patient must be able to sit on their own accord once they are in the seat, require little or no medical attention, and they must be able to transfer into their seat on the aircraft with little or no assistance out of their wheelchair (they cannot have someone literally pick them up and sit them in the seat). If the patient requires oxygen some airlines may be able to provide it during the flight or if they of a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) approved by the FAA or the airlines.  The commercial airlines require no less than 48 hours advance notice, to prepare for the equipment needed. They would be responsible for making all arrangements and paying any fees associated with the oxygen on board the aircraft.  Depending on the resources and program that is available to sponsor the flight.

There may be a processing fee by the airlines for the tickets. If a fee is charged it can be up to $20.00 per person, which will be collected by credit, or debit card prior to booking the flight.  TSA FEES.

We do require 10 full business days after we receive all the necessary paperwork to process your flight request for consideration.  We will need a medical clearance from the doctor who has recently physically seen the patient and knows they are going to this appointment. A financial income verification statement for the total household for everyone living in the home, this can be verified by a professional (someone other than family or friends) such as your doctor, employer, spouses employer, case worker, social worker, clergyman, attorney, or accountant.  The patient or family member will have to supply them with the necessary paperwork to verify. They may also forward us documents as well such as W2’s, disability and or SSI awards letters that state the amount that is received monthly, or any other documents that show their total household income for everyone living in the home directly to us if they choose to do that.

This is the link for our on line application http://v2.mmasystems.org/air/request.htmPlease make sure both the blue and yellow fields on the application are completed. I will contact the patient either by phone or email when I receive the application. At that time I will confirm the name of the doctor that will complete the medical clearance form. I will also request contact, information for the professional who will complete the financial verification form. If they are not going to provide the information themselves, they need to be prepared to provide their name, title, phone, and fax number so that we can move forward with the request.

If you/the patient, do not hear from me within 2-3 business days after submitting the application; please follow up with me to make sure the application has been received.

As a reminder we require 10 full business days to submit a request for consideration and that includes the time after we receive all the necessary paperwork.  It is VERY important that they help in expediting any paperwork that needs to be into our office by following up with the doctor’s office or financial contact to avoid any delays in the process.

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