This is the beginning of SnapEasyTravelVet Section of SnapEasyTravel!  We are excited to launch this addition to help veterans who are traveling for treatments in various different cities around the country.

Last year, two combat-wounded Veterans set off on a motorcycle journey across America. Their 6,500-mile mission was to raise awareness about the high rate of suicide amongst Veterans. During their journey, they interviewed researchers, healthcare providers, and Veterans, many of whom had either contemplated or attempted suicide and were able to identify the life-saving, sources of hope that these Veterans had found. Painfully inspired by the recent Department of Veterans Affairs estimation that 22 veterans commit suicide every day, this campaign is entitled Project 22.    -from

Matt “Doc” King, and Daniel Egbert are co-directors of the documentary, Project22.  Doc will be in New Orleans receiving a two month oxygen treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury.  This treatment was featured in the film.  We have asked him to gather information for SnapEasyTravelVets.  He will be updating us with new information as he gathers it.

From this page you can click on the treatment you are interested in and there will be information for the city it is located in;  lodging, food, transportation, activities to enjoy while there, and various other travel tips.  We welcome tips you gather as you travel.  Please submit comments, pictures, tips, and etc., to   Our goal is to offer information on the treatments mentioned in Project22 as well as others cities where treatment for vets is happening.

From information on treatments and travel tips in the city they are located in, click the treatment link:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment – Dr. Harch, New Orleans


Sponsored Transportation:  Transportation provided free from this agency


Service Animals:  Link coming soon.  For those traveling with service animals we will endeavour to have information and tips pertaining to traveling with your buddy.

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