Planning Stage 1 – Where are You Going?


The first item on your planning should be to figure out where you would like to go.

Make a list of the days you are able to go.    Fill in the days with the city and country you want to visit on each day.

Often the first two days will be travel if you are going on an international trip.  For example:  going to Europe the first day is normally in the airplane…since you are going into a new time zone you will find yourself in day two before your actual touring day begins.  Going west will be different so look at time zones and date lines and figure out which days will be eaten up with travel either getting there or returning home.

SNAP EASY TIP:  Whatever time you arrive at your destination DO NOT go to sleep until at least 8:30 pm.  Push yourself or you will not acclimate to the new timezone.  I find it better to arrive in the afternoon instead of morning.  It is a LONG day if you are pushing to stay awake.

I would recommend that you not try to travel to more than one country per week unless they are close to each other.  For instance, we actually traveled by car through portions of Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg in the same day.

However, you must be careful not to fill too much of your trip with travel.  You want to enjoy and absorb your surroundings!   If the next country you want to visit is a long distance you would spend your time better taking a plane.  There are very cheap flights within Europe.