Packing Light

Stuff, stuff and more stuff!!  We all have so much stuff.  And it seems we think we need it all to travel.  Trust me….after many, many trips, I am taking LESS STUFF!  I don’t need it!

After realizing that I didn’t use even half of my stuff I packed for my first international trip I found the way to pack with Rick Steves’ guidance.  See explantion in “My Story” on this site.

After my first trip I never travel internationally with more than a carry on and a personal item (large purse).   I have survived well on 3 week trips.  My husband has travelled this way on a 6 week trip to the Philippines.  Most of the trips I find that I don’t use all that I take!  Proof I can travel even lighter!

What do you really need?

I am going to give you the basics.  Pack these essentials and then add what else you think you “need”.   Take inventory on your trip of what you actually use.  You will be surprised!  Next time, leave behind those items you could have done without.

If you are carrying a backpack, pack the essentials, then pack other items you “need”.  Go on an hour’s walk with the pack.  If not comfortable start taking out the extra items you feel you can do without.

Example list of items I am taking as essentials to Italy:

Wearing on plane:
Thin top, light weight sweater, light weight top, skirt, scrarf. comfortable dressy casual walking shoes, one set of undergarments

In backpack:
3 thin tops (quick drying)
4 light vest or sleeveless tops (to go over thin tops)
1 light weight jumper dress
2 skirts (basic colors that will mix and match with tops and vests)
1 sleep shirt that will be decent if fire drill called
1 set of undergarments (quick drying)
1 pair Croc sandals for house shoes and showers (flip flops work also, I like Croc support)

1 pr socks for hiking
1 3/4 length waterproof rain jacket with hood  (super light weight)
1 scarf
2 headbands that double as neck warmers if need be

Toiletries: (travel size)
1 shampoo
1 conditioner
1 toothpaste, toothbrush and floss
1 suncreen
2 non aeresol hairsprays
1 hair gel
1 razor with gel stick built in
1 underarm deorderant stick

1 lip balm with sunscreen
1 tweezers
1 finger nail clippers

Pharmacutical and First Aid:
Perscription Drugs if currently taking any
Antibiotic for Diarrhea
Muscle Relaxant
Anthihistamine (non drowsy)
Blister Pads

Other required stuff
Toiletry bag  (quart size clear)
*IPhone/Charger (with lots of memory for pics)
Travel size Sewing Kit (with safety pins)
**Money Belt
Day pack/tote bag  will pack a over the shoulder bag for day trips)
Clothes line and sink stopper
1 plastic skirt hangers  (I use the light weight ones that come with skirts I buy)
1 plastic shirt hanger   ( I use the light weight ones that come with tops I buy)
Passport (and Nexus Card if you have one)
Extra set of reading glasses
Cash/ATM Card/2 Credit Cards
Adapter plugs (European 2 prong)
Small travel umbrella
Small water bottle

*On my IPhone:
Guide Book, Audio Tours and Phrase Book
Credit Card Theft Notification Phone #’s
e-mailed copy of passport, credit cards (front and back) travel insurance info
Flashlight app
Social Media Apps

**Money Belt.  See “Dollars and Cents” on this site for my preference on the type of money belt to use.

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