Guide to Using This Site

I have played around with a couple of layout and settled on this one for now.  Let me know if you are having trouble navigating or finding the information you want.

The home page can be accessed on any page by clicking the SNAP EASY TRAVEL on the tip left hand side of the page.

For guides and tips by country you can either go to the home page main menu bar and click TRAVEL GUIDES BY COUNTRY and choose the country from the drop down menu OR you can go to the middle of the page and view the country in my portfolio section.  For some countries I have cities as well.  Just hover over the country on the drop down menu and if I have cities they will pop up as well.  If not then I only have a post on the country.  The Portfolio has the Country as well as Cities als0.

For general planning guides you can go to the home page main menu bar and click PLANNING GUIDES.   For more tips go to the blog.  On the left hand side under catergories choose the item you need planning tips for.

The most recent blogs will show up on the bottom on the home page.  For the full blog you can go to the home page menu bar and click BLOG or you can click see blog at the bottom of the homepage.

Social Icons for SnapEasyTravel are on the top right hand corner of the home page.


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