Sorry your card is blocked

These are not words you want to hear when you try to check out in a foreign country and your bank or credit card company is closed because of the time difference!

Call before you go and let your bank know (for your debit card)  and credit card companies know your travel plans.  This does not totally guarantee that it will not be blocked but it lessens the chance greatly!

Have the emergency number for your bank and credit card number with you in case this happens or in case your cards are lost or stolen.

Most countries require a 4 digit pin.

I have read that China has 6 digit pins.  However, most travelers report that at major banks the 4 digit works.  One person said at an ATM that required the 6 she put a couple of zeros in first and it worked.

Have you had experience with debit cards and/or credit cards in your travels?  Share with us!