Don’t Eat or Drink That!

Use caution when eating and drinking in some countries….



Don’t drink the water in a country unless you know it is safe to do so.  In most third world countries it is not safe.  Check before you go!

Many restaurants that cater to tourists use filtered water and ice.  Confirm before you drink it.

If you buy bottled water make sure it is sealed!

Don’t brush your teeth or rinse your toothbrush with the water.

SNAP EASY TIP:  Pour yourself a glass of bottled or filtered water.  Pour some over your toothbrush to wet.  Apply toothpaste and brush.  Use part of the water to rinse out mouth.  Save enough to immerse your tooth brush in to rinse.



Don’t eat any fruits or veggies that you can not peel or cook.  Melons or other fruits that absorb a lot of water should not be eaten as well.  No salad bars while in third world countries. Better safe than sorry!  You can contract parasites that you will live with forever!

Saying is “If you can’t peel it or cook it….forget it!”