China here I come!


It is official now!  I have received my Chinese Visa.

China is a place I have always dreamed of going. To walk on the Great Wall…hey!

When we are in the Philippines doing missions work we use Grace Chang, owner of Image Travel & Tours, for our arrangements.   We are going to the Philippines for another missions trip in September. Grace has offered to take us for a 5 day tour of Beijing and Xi’an, China from the Philippines.

Grace is Chinese and knows the language. What an opportunity!  She is Travel Host Par Excellent!

I am somewhat of a control freak with my travel arrangements.  I like to know all the little details are taken care of!  I can travel without worries with Grace!  She is someone I can trust… to just sit back and relax and let her do the planning and arranging. What a treat!

I will be sharing my Chinese adventures and tips on this blog.